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Adsnerd has years of experience with +30 brands in different industries, varying from market-leader retail e-commerce companies to space agency, SaaS startup, etc. Our team is specialized in digital marketing solutions as follows:

Our team leader is Google Ads Product Expert, getting the latest updates about all Google Products.


Founder & CEO of Adsnerd
Awarded in Google Dublin Product Expert Summit

Kick Start your Strategic Digital Marketing Campaigns

Every business needs better results. Our digital marketing services allow you to identify gaps, optimize results and monitor your gradual growth.

We optimized the e-commerce website’s Google Ads activity during the 2020-2021 pandemic and achieved growth in market share.

Google Ads Growth Program Implementation

Over the years, we have satisfied customers with great ROI difference and market share growth.

up to 7X​

Return on Ad Spend Increase

at least 20%​

Optimization in Ad costs while getting the same results.

Performance Optimization in Google Ads

We managed and optimized Google Ads campaigns with increased efficiency during competition and high demand. Our team specializes in both growing market share and keeping the market share in a recession or budget-cutting period.


decreased Cost per Conversion


decreased Cost


increased Conversions
at the same time


increased Conversion rate

We managed to decrease cost and cost per conversion (CPA) while increasing conversions and conversion rate before and during the 2022 Black Friday season

How Can We Become a Strategic Partner?

We are ready to audit your account and create a proposal with short-term and long-term digital marketing strategy, including Tag Management, to track users’ website activities, increase ad performance efficiency through digital channels and manage all other digital marketing activities for achieving business goals.

Check testimonials from satisfied clients

Our digital marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, and Google Ads optimization, satisfied many clients from different industries.

digital marketing service by adsnerd agency
Anar Heravasov

Digital Marketing Director @Kontakt Home

During our cooperation with Adsnerd, we used new optimization methods for Google ads. By automating our processes, we significantly saved our advertising costs both before and after the pandemic. Kamal’s role in increasing our online sales is huge.

Nizami Rzayev

Head of the Website Management Division
@Baku Electronics

Adsnerd’s implementations in SEO, Web analytics, and Advertising strategy with a special framework significantly increased sales during the pandemic. We benefited from the increasing demand for E-commerce in the market. The work done has led to good long-term results in digital.

Amiraslan Bakshili

CEO & Co-Founder @Oxuyan

We were able to increase our SEO traffic 3x during 1 year. Our startup got 150.000 users and we were able to analyse and optimize our results. Adsnerd helped us in Google Ads campaign optimization & GA4 web tracking. Well done!

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